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the vodka. Grenadine posted by Lila @ 12:56PM, 12/26/06. Bit of a bite!

Sex on the beach posted by nesser @ 01:03AM, 7/17/06. The second type is made from vodka, Chambord, Midori Melon Liqueur, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. Citation needed A " Woo Woo " is Sex on the Beach without orange juice. To cocktails and dreamers posted by maria from boston @ 11:52PM, 4/21/07 Sex on the beach is the best. I am over 21 and have read and agree to the. Posted by Sarah @ 04:42PM, 12/02/07 Though, do use pineapple juice.

External links edit Retrieved from " ". I've never had sex on the beach but i figure a drink with a name like that has got to be good enough to pass for the real thing! Or even Dole's Pineapple Orange Banana! RE: Bigger portions posted by rich from wrexham @ 04:17AM, 1/27/07 Yeah to give it bigger portions it's simple, just alter the vodka instead of. Sex on the Beach is often made as a shooter by using half vodka, half peach schnapps and a bit of grenadine.

Cuncun sex on the beach. Anyway, best way to prepare is to drink and taste it yourself before serving. 1, general types edit, there are two general types of the cocktail: The first type is made from vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice. It was about.00 for 10 servings. Boston Official Bartender's Guide (67th.). If I can't have real sex at the beach, this is as close to bliss as I can get. I had 1/10 of vodka and 1/10 of peach schapps. Florida, USA in the spring of 1987 coinciding with the introduction of peach schnapps. We use cookies to track your browsing behavior on our site and provide ads relevant to you.

Sex in the beach posted by Ashley @ 10:38PM, 7/27/07 I think its good! I love it with Pineapple Juice but this way is good too! Sex on the beach rocks posted by cupidforevr @ 05:01PM, 6/17/06. @ 01:00PM, 3/11/07 The recipe for the Original Sex On The Beach is great! The best drink i have ever had. Sotb is almost as great as sex itself.


Hey people when u post these blogs please put the amount of money you spent on the ingredients and the serving size u made, please. This article is about the cocktail. I love the sex on the beach at Don Cherry's in Parry Sound! Don't lose track of, sex on the Beach! Terms and Conditions, you've got fine taste keep track of your. This recipe can be served as either a cocktail or a shooter. I recommend it to anyone! A proven favorite among patrons! And you only want 1/2 oz peach schnapps.

Sex on the beach posted by Phil @ 02:36PM, 12/11/07 It's makes me feel comfortable and good. Applebee's Recipe posted by Pam @ 08:11AM, 5/03/07 pineapple orange splash of cranberry shot of malibu rum shot of vodka shot of peach schnapps Peachtree posted by Audrey @ 05:04PM, 5/13/07 I've also heard that the original Sex. This drink is my fav. Sex on the beach in Destin posted by SK @ 09:32AM, 4/02/07 I love the sex on the beach at Howl at the Moon, Destin, FL the best ever! And that should make it scrum-diddly-umptious. 1000 Best Bartender Recipes. Just put out a bunch of different ingredients, ice, and a "Let's have an Orgy at the Beach" suggestion list. For the song by T-Spoon, see.

They give you about 1/2 a shot of vodka 1/2 a shot of schnapps and walla, 20 drinks later you might get a buzz. Great drink posted by zcoach @ 03:27AM, 4/12/07 I've had it as a drink not a shot. I make it all the time for my sister and mom! The cocktail is usually consumed during summer months. Enter your e-mail address to have your items sent to your inbox: Enter a valid email address. Variations edit Several variations are sometimes referred to by the same name: Hard Rock Cafe 's recipe is based on the second form, calling for vodka, Midori, Chambord, lemon juice, pineapple juice and sugar syrup, shaken and strained over ice into a Collins glass. Cocktails, Cocktails, and More Cocktails. Amaretto is sometimes added for extra flavor. A, sex on the Beach is an alcoholic cocktail containing vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. Answer:.O.P.S (Cranberry, OJ, Peach Schnapps) Sex on the Beach-MN style posted by cyndi @ 07:46PM, 1/30/08 Everywhere you go here will put cream in the drinks too, so that's what I'm used.

Posted by zac @ 10:51AM, 7/06/07 Was fuckin lame but it tasted good. Sex on the Beach, cheap easy! It takes so good i can just drink and drink and drink and not even feel bad. Ingredients 45mL, vodka 15mL, peach Liqueur /go/peach-schnapps/ 60mL Orange Juice 60mL Cranberry Juice, instructions, fill a hi-ball with ice. Get the order of ingredients right, use summer fruits for your garnish and you will definitely be getting a few repeat orders! Put in a gorgeous pink ribbed martini glass.

1L And the peach 750. Sex on the beach in parry sound posted by Isaac @ 10:40PM, 10/10/06. One claims that the cocktail originated. Like a naughty smoothie. Posted by Katie @ 07:13PM, 12/30/07 I read ALL your comments, and got some great ideas for MY New Year's Eve. You can opt out by disabling cookies in your browser. Posted by rim2000 @ 01:49AM, 5/09/06, it's better with pineapple juice. Then massively top up with about 1-1.5 L of pineapple 1-1.5 of cranberry. Love it posted by leighanne @ 12:42PM, 9/06/06.

Sex on the beach does not have OJ, must have pineapple! A Barman who live in NY told me that the Original Recipe was: 1,5 oz Vodka - 1/2 oz Peachtree - 2 oz Orange juice - 2 oz Cranberry juice. Pour it in a glass, and the put a dash of grenedine over Still my favorite. Other variations use both orange juice and pineapple juice. Permanently save, sex on the Beach and the others to your m account:. To learn more, see our privacy policy. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley.

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The coolest one posted by ra @ 04:20PM, 11/29/07 1 vodka 1 peach schnapps 2 orange juice and ake it well. My favorite drink so far. Posted by Mongo @ 12:57AM, 11/18/07 This one sounds good, but the easier and more "effective" method? Add all the ingredients in the order listed above. A, item saved to your collection! 2oz malibu massasje sarpsborg sextreff trøndelag coconut rum (any cocnut rum will work).5-2oz pineapple juice.5-2ox cranberry juice trust me, it's good, effective, and cheap to make. Better posted by stace @ 06:43AM, 12/23/06. Posted by kiwana from biloxi, ms @ 05:54PM, 3/08/07 I only gave it a ten because that was the highest number available, but personally, i do believe it deserves a hundred to the tenth power. Dumbass posted by K @ 03:06AM, 1/11/07.

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This is an, international Bartenders Association. Posted by Nicole @ 10:12PM, 8/30/07 i love this drink. Boston Official Bartender's Guide. Posted by dayumshame @ 12:20AM, 6/17/07 I personally don't give a fuck what juice it has. Had a party few months ago, and i made a 'group' sex on the beach. Virgin posted by little miss innocent @ 10:14AM, 1/22/07.

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Sex on the Beach, just made it posted by Linda @ 06:41PM, 7/01/07 Hi there. A bartender at Confetti's Bar devised the drink and gave it the name in a nod to the many tourists visiting Florida's beaches each spring. 5 References edit "The Origins of the Sex on the Beach". Very Good posted by yuleegirl16 @ 07:41PM, 6/20/07 Very good sex on the beach. As a certified bartender of 6 years, this is the recipe taught in the schools. Bigger portion works too posted by Wu @ 09:14PM, 11/11/06.