Project Plan

Our scientific, educational and public outreach objectives are going to be pursued through five inter-related WPs. Building bridges between academia and industry, each of the three scientific WPs is built around a partner from the private sector, who will also be instrumental in the training that the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) will receive, hosting ESRs for long secondments and providing training workshops as well as the insight of the private sector to our Initial Training Network (ITN). The three companies that are central to our ITN are leading experts in their fields, providing cutting-edge expertise: deCODE Genetics, a large genetic services and research provider (WP1), SENSA, a spin-out company (from the FP7 funded project TACTICS), focused on target discovery and biomarker development for diagnostic and treatment outcome use, and finally, BI PHARMA, one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Importantly, our ITN enjoys the support of large patient advocacy organizations from Germany and the Netherlands, who will be instrumental in our dissemination and outreach activities and will provide opportunities of public engagement for our ESRs. Finally, the associated partners of our ITN, are top experts from multiple disciplines who complement the core research team and will extend the training and research opportunities for our ESRs.

  • WP1. Susceptibility factors for TS. Genetics versus environment. Coordinator: A. Helgadottir, deCODE
  • WP2. Studying the neurobiological basis of TS and its comorbidities through systems biology approaches. Coordinator: D.C. Cath, UU
  • WP3. Basic investigations translating into new therapeutic approaches. The pathophysiological role of the glutamate metabolism in TS and OCD. Coordinator: A. Ludolph, UULM
  • WP4. Training and Outreach Activities. Coordinator: K. Müller-Vahl, MHH
  • WP5. Management. Coordinator: P. Paschou, DUTH




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