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Massasje i bergen ts escorts italy

massasje i bergen ts escorts italy

an experience. So a date is a good description. Her basic price is posted on her web site. Which was really not her business. Elskerinne does not obviously pay attention to time and some visits have gone a little longer.

As her web site says she aims for an approach like a mistress would rather than sex for sale. Since I like the woman to enjoy it even though I am paying for it this is the best sex I have experienced. When you arrive at Carmens you are ushered into a small bedroom in an appartment. Elskerinne accurately describes her self on her web site. The massage thing was not a great deal, she tried hard but I would not go again. A package with a blow job was 1700 NOK and with French both ways 2200 NOK. The site is updated and changed from time to time. She is not easily contactable, she does have another job and as I have since found out also has a social life so this work unlike the other two girls is not what she does all day. If they get as much or more from the experience that adds to the pleasure.

This is only good if you can get away from work. I would categorize the approach as very businesslike this is a deal and lets. Sexlinker.no look under escorts, Diana. I have gone back to Elskerinne many times but not Carmen or Dina. Pricing was pretty much in line with the others. The other girls have no post sex and the pre sex is little or nonexistent. She has some pictures and her phone number. These are my experiences with three girls in Oslo. Dina offers most of the things which others will offer. She is proably late 20 early 30s but I am not good on ages.

If are lucky to have her number and you do arrange to meet her she is like all of the Norwegian girls I have met very cautious about giving out the directions unless she knows you, or is positive that you are serious. Basic Sex was 1500 NOK. Elskerinne is very sophisticated and has travelled widely, many experiences in life and this makes her a very interesting person and it is fun to be with her. Rating 7 OUT. On her website there is a long list of all of the things she will offer.


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None of her web sites work and if you dont have her number you are out of luck. M/ this is her personal website more on this later ml ml, m/escorts/ tml. Carmen is generally available from 10am to 4 pm Monday through Friday with some limited availability on weekends. Summary, i enjoyed Carmen this is clearly her job she has a good body and she enjoyed the sex and I certainly did. No attempt to ensure cleanliness. Dinas prices are in line with others, sex, blow job, the massage thing is 2,000 NOK. She provides coffee, tea or soft drinks etc. This is light, airy and extremely well furnished. The approach however is too business like for my taste, too much sex for sale lets get it done and over with. Massasje i bergen ts escorts italy

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Let nature take its course. In addition it now has a translator for multiple languages. She always enjoys it and I believe that if she doesnt get good vibes from you she wont see you. Rating 4 OUT OF 10 massasje i bergen ts escorts italy Some people might really go for her. This was the most relaxing; she will also put on a music or video if you want to get in the mood that way. The sex was good.

Massasje I Bergen Ts Escorts Italy

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Mann til homofil sex i tannlege kontor There is a small sitting area, a shower and a large bed. This is a great place to browse. The sex was not as good as I would like maybe I was mad at the inquisition, she is Spanish after all. It is beautiful and probably sextreff trøndelag nakne gamle damer the most professional private site I have seen in this industry.
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And being very young are less important than the experience. This will give you access to her web site. When you arrive at the apartment, which is well furnished, and very pleasant, you are shown into a sitting room. She is like the others and uses caution to ensure that the person is genuine. Dina tries to relax her clients, with a soft drink. The language is English with a few pages translated into Norwegian. She does other stuff but you have to ask. The sex is excellent both of us enjoy what we do and the ambiance, the pre and post sex are all excellent. This is 100 private.

When you arrive you are shown into a large room somewhat dark with red on the walls, it looks kind of dingy. Prices and services multiple pictures of very good quality,"s, music that you can choose to listen to or not. I was not asked to wash or offered a shower. There was clearly a time limit and after I had some dificulty coming she damn near wrenched my penis off in an attempt to get me to come so she could finish. Also Elskerinne is fastidious about cleanliness again much more than Carmen or Dina. She has something she says is her specialty and that is she massages you with her breasts. Carmen, carmen is very difficult to find. Carmen responded to my requests and seemed to be enjoying herself.

So rather than relaxed I was tense. There is no attempt to get to know the person the situation is more or less what do you want and how much will it cost? This actually was not a great turn on for. Dina, dina can be found on http www. Summary, the sex was not great. Elskerinne chats pleasantly with you to get to understand you. However for some reason with me she commenced to quizz me about why I was doing this. It takes a good hour if you want to explore it all.

She is Norwegian, Brunette, petite she is 40 and all her endowments are natural. As to age I would guess upper 30s. In fact you can just talk or go out to dinner if that is what you want. Firstly let me describe my criteria. I really enjoy sex; it is absolutely fantastic, with her because Elskerinne will do what ever from slam bam thank you mam to a sensuous sexual experience. She would talk about what she did, which she has probably done many times before. I want somebody who seems to be having fun and responds to my needs.

The surroundings are very stark, no pre or post sex. Had I read Elskerinnes web site I would have known the answer because it is in her. I would go again if I could not see my regular person. So super huge breasts. I am loooking for a sensual as well as sexual experience. This is important because you know its the same for her and any prior client. Rating 9 OUT OF 10, I knocked off 1 point for contact ability. The website is functional but you can get no particular impression of her from. To" from Elskerinnes web siteI am not an athletenor am I a well hung stud.

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The pictures are not very clear. Contacting Elskerinne can be difficult. Dina massasje i bergen ts escorts italy is Spanish in origin has a mediteranean colour, is petitie with OK figure but it looks like her breasts have had some assistance they are quite hard. As with others she is cautious with directions. The best is always worth waiting for. This is her job and she works.